Milwaukee Alliance pickets Mayor Johnson’s home to demand a fair Shared Revenue plan

Milwaukee Alliance pickets Mayor Johnson’s home to demand a fair Shared Revenue plan

On Wednesday, May 31, the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression held a picket outside Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson’s house. The Milwaukee Alliance recently launched their Fair Share Campaign in order to fight back against the strings attached to Milwaukee’s shared revenue increase being proposed by state Republicans.

This picket specifically targeted Mayor Johnson because he has been reluctant to voice firm support for the people of Milwaukee. Instead, he has been “negotiating” with these reactionary state officials behind closed doors. Johnson has thus far also refused to put together a public town hall meeting so that the people of Milwaukee might voice their displeasure with the proposed plan, so the Milwaukee Alliance decided they would take matters into their own hands and pay him a visit.

State officials are trying to coerce Milwaukee into accepting ridiculous demands in order to receive a 10% raise in its shared revenue. Among these demands are reinstating police officers in Milwaukee public schools, increasing the sales tax by 2% to pay for the police pension, at minimum, preserving the current police staffing levels, and removing the Fire and Police Commission’s policy-creating power. Mayor Johnson’s voting record while in the Common Council demonstrates that he’s poised to accept many of these repressive pro-cop demands.

Aware of Mayor Johnson’s pro-cop inclinations, the Milwaukee Alliance is pushing back and demanding the following:

  • Fair Shared Revenue with no strings attached
  • Hands off the Fire and Police Commission
  • No police in our schools
  • Transparency now! - Public Town Hall with Mayor Johnson and County Executive Crowley - No Backroom Deals!
  • Community control over resources to fund human needs