Remembering Jacob Albright

Remembering Jacob Albright

On July 22, in Kenosha, WI, members of the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression joined the family of Jacob Albright to hold a vigil commemorating his life and calling for transparency surrounding his death.

Albright was taken into police custody on July 20 by officers of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, but he never made it to the jail. His detention was reportedly on the grounds of outstanding weapons related charges. Police allege he used a firearm he had on him to take his life in the back of the squad car, but community and family members alike have rightfully questioned this narrative.

Albright’s family and friends spoke outside of the courthouse, sharing stories of his infectious sense of humor and love for his family. Roughly 100 community members attended, supporting the demands shared by Albright’s niece, Kailah Bergstrom, who was calling for justice and transparency in his case.

Bergstrom shared how Albright had been failed by both state and county apparatus’s many times in his attempts to receive mental health services. She also expressed frustration with the lack of transparency from Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha law enforcement.

“I don’t want him to be just another name or hash tag, this has to stop happening. You’ve got the people who know Jake, and then the people came out because they love people just like him,” said Bergstrom.

Kenosha police have been subject to national and international scrutiny after their shooting of Jacob Blake in 2020. People in Kenosha are no longer willing to sit idly by as police withhold important information about these kinds of critical incidents. The Milwaukee Alliance will use their experience working against police crimes and fighting for transparency to guide Albright’s family and community activists who are ready to take up the work.

The Milwaukee Alliance stands in firm solidarity with Albright’s family and their demands for the release of the video footage of this critical incident.